Vicki Yen photographs the amazing people of Australia.

More than just photography, Vicki also sources new faces and images for her stock library and for client requests. She also fully coordinates photoshoots.

The theme is always to create positive images of diverse cultures, and everyday people (Australian Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in particular). Lifestyle. Strong and proud, real. Natural. Vital.

A Brisbane based freelance professional, Vicki now spends her time weaning organisations away from American stock library sites, helping them to discover how the amazing faces of Australians can change the face of their business. She also develops and writes web content for small business, and photographs the occasional wedding and portrait for special people.

“Content-words and images-has to be authentic, on topic and have that quality that just cuts through and reaches people. Clients trust you. And subjects in the images trust you.”

Vicki is the former chief photographer and image library manager for 7 government departments (combined), in Queensland; and previously the media person for a $25M community awareness project. Vicki Yen holds a Blue Card to work with children.

Vicki Yen